TAO: future

TAO is a stable syntax with a well-defined minimal grammar, ready to be adopted experimentally by software projects of various scales. This adoption and experimentation is important for verifying whether it stands on solid foundations as a future universal syntax.

This is something that can be only achieved with the help of a community of enthusiasts and early-adopters.

TAO is a very generic tool which tries to consciously promote minimalist principles at the very low level of syntax with the hope that their benefits will propagate and add up to significant returns on higher levels, across different domains.

If TAO turns out to be a solid foundation, future work remains in building similarly solid higher-level building blocks and eventually systems on top of it. The following are some of the areas that would be good starting points:

This is a distributed project, with aspects that can be explored independently, so everybody interested is encouraged to start experimenting.

TAO-related projects can be linked to on this website. To suggest one to link, please go to github or contact Dariusz Jędrzejczak.